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Optional Services

Cedar Boxes

For a current listing of our plants in cedar boxes, please refer to our availability list for pricing and the gallery for photos.

Custom Tags, Picture Tags & Pre-pricing

We are pleased to offer custom tagging (pre-pricing) upon request. Tags may include retail pricing, barcodes or SKUs, your company name and logo. A printing charge of .50 per tag will be incurred for custom tags. If you wish to have custom tags printed, your request and the associated detail must be submitted by February 1st.

As an option, we can print your labels for .25 per label and roll them up and ship them with the plants (not attached individually). This is a cost savings to us which we can pass along to you.

We also are able to provide Picture Tags for trees ordered at KG Farms. We will automatically put Picture Tags on all garden center orders. Any other orders may or may not get picture tags at our discretion. If you desire picture tags, please let us know and we will gladly put them on the plants free of charge!

Potting and Wire Basket Charges

We are often asked to pot up plants for orders. Following is the standard pricing: #7 for $11.00, #10 for $12.00, #15 for $15.00, #20 for $17.00, #25 for $22.00, and #35 for $24.00. Our potting consists of putting a B&B plant into a container with bark media. The container size will be based on the appropriate size for the plant according to the grower. Special requests for wire baskets will be charged $4.00 per plant. Potting and special wire basket requests must be submitted by February 1st. Requests received after the deadline are subject to our availability and charged a 50% surcharge.